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Reasons for Egg Donation:

fertility-treatment-options/orange-county-egg-donation-for-ivfThe Egg Donation Process
Donor egg program patients have an initial consultation visit to learn about the donor egg program. The Donor Egg process is explained to the patients, conduct a physical and order several diagnostic tests including an ultrasound and semen analysis. The patients are also required to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases.

The second step is donor matching where an egg donor is selected based upon the recipient’s ethnicity, physical characteristics and patient desires. Egg donors are anonymous or known donor. A Donor profile of the egg donor will be disclosed, which enables the recipient to make an informed choice about the donor’s appropriateness. i.e. physical appearance, career goal, medical testing.

All egg donors undergo screening in an effort to insure their suitability an egg donors. The screening begins with a thorough review of their personal and family medical histories to exclude egg donors whose families have members with inheritable disorders that could produce serious handicaps. Her marital status, sexual orientation, as well as medical and surgical conditions will also be disclosed.

The patient (and her partner) signs an informed consent agreement using Egg Donor.

The in-vitro fertilization process starts as the recipient’s and donor’s menstrual cycles are “synchronized”, using medications, to insure that the recipient’s endometrium is prepared to accept the embryo when it is ready for transfer.
The donor starts the in-vitro fertilization (Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation, Transvaginal Egg Retrieval, Fertilization). After three days, the resulting embryos will be transferred to the recipient. Patients will continues taking hormones supplements and a pregnancy test is performed two weeks later.

Choosing an Egg Donor

Please inquire about our own database of egg donors. If we can’t provide you with a donor of your choice, there are other egg donor agencies available online.
Donor programs vary widely as to the profile selection size, availability, fees for the services, etc. We suggest you do your own research — obtain a lot of catalogs, and look into your options.

Key to the services:
• Identity Release / Willing-to-Be-Known Donors
• Donor Audio Tapes / CD/ Video
• Pictures of Donor as Adult
• Pictures of Donor as Child
• Anonymous / Known Donor Services

Choosing a Sperm Donor

If you require sperm donor services, we recommend the following local sources in Orange County, who offer a large pool of sperm donors to choose from:

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