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As you prepare for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), you may have a number of lifestyle questions, including how active you should be during the various phases of treatment. There may be times when walking, stationary cycling, or swimming will need to replace more strenuous routines and sports, from tennis to kickboxing to weightlifting. Of course, you want to maintain your health and weight in preparation for an IVF cycle. So you can usually follow your regular exercise schedule prior to treatment. However, once a treatment cycle begins, low impact exercise is often preferred.

Since every patient is different and has an individualized fitness level, discuss your regimen with us. Tell us about the type of exercise you’ve been performing, as well as its intensity and length. We’ll let you know when to make modifications.

Changes to ovaries may also prompt exercise changes. When you’re taking fertility medications, ovary enlargement can occur, making certain routines temporarily uncomfortable. Performing high impact exercises and more aggressive movements when ovaries are enlarged may also increase the risk of a rare condition called ovarian torsion. This condition involves the rotation of the ovary, which can be painful and serious.

After an embryo transfer, you may be instructed to be more sedentary for a specified number of days. Following this interval of limited activity, you should be able to return to the moderate exercise you previously discussed with our staff.

At IVF-Orange Clinic, we are here to advise you on a balanced approach to activity during the various stages of the IVF process. Remember, getting adequate sleep, limiting caffeine, and eating a well balanced diet are additional health-conscious steps you can follow during a cycle of care. Be sure to contact us if you have any lifestyle questions or concerns.