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Besides the emotional cost of fertility treatment, the financial aspect of treatment is often a concern for couples trying to conceive. IVF treatment is not cheap. IVForange is proud to offer treatment such as IVF at an affordable, low cost to his patients.

Free Consult for Gender Pre-Selection
Receive a complementary consultation at IVF Orange for the X-Y-chromosome separation procedure. Get all your questions answered about the unique procedure of Gender Pre-selection.

Repeat IVF procedures
If a couple’s first attempt with IVF has been unsuccessful, we offer the second IVF procedure at a 10% discount. After 2 unsuccessful attempts with IVF, a third IVF procedure is offered at a 20% discount.

Sperm Cryopreservation Fees and Pricing
(Fees are subject to change without notice)

Semen Banking:ivf-orange-county-fertility-clinic/affordable-fertility-treatment
Initial Sperm Freezing with CSA $220
Subsequent Sperm Freezing $200
Initial Blood Test (LawLabs) $200

Sperm / Embryo Storage:
1 month $70
1 year $300
2 years $550
3 years $750

Andrology Tests:
Complete Semen Analysis (CSA) $110
Complete Semen Analysis
(CSA – with 3h – 6h motility reading) $140
Partial Semen Analysis $75

Semen Preparation:
Basic Sperm Wash $150
Gradient Wash $200
Gender Preselection (Male or Female) $600

Payment Policy
Payment is due at time of service unless previous arrangements have been made. We accept cash, checks, and certain credit cards.

Please also review our information about Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment.
It is our goal to provide excellent medical care at affordable, low cost to our patients.