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This is our online resource list. If you are a professional in Orange County, whose services are related to fertility, feel free to contact us and we add your information.

Online Fertility Information: – Helpful online resource by major fertility drug company Serono – Information resource for anybody trying to conceive by Schering Corporation
ASRM – American Society for Reproductive Medicine
SART – Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Resolve – National Infertility Association providing information for patients

Sperm Donor Resources:
If you require sperm donor services, we recommend the following local sources in Orange County, who offer a large pool of sperm donors to choose from:
Co-Parents.Net – helps you find your co-parent or your sperm donor.
Fertility Center of California
California Cryobank

Egg Donor Resources:
If you don’t find an egg donor in our own database, we are happy to work with other egg donor sources that accommodate your requests. Some of them are listed below:
Donor Concierge – A donor & surrogate search and consultation service
The Donor Source

Offering Fertility Acupuncture Treatment in Conjunction with Fertility Treatment in Orange County:
Ronald Bieler, L.Ac.
Inner Balance Acupuncture
Dr. Daniel Lee
OC Acupuncture, Inc.
Goodman Wellness Center

Other: – Tool to both safely and economically deliver prescription drugs to patients.