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Become an Egg Donor with IVF

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Egg Donors Wanted in Orange County!

Egg donation is a wonderful way to help infertile couples. We have our own Orange County egg donor program and we are now taking applications for egg donation. We are looking for healthy, single or married women between the ages of 21 and 32, who are willing to donate their eggs. Applicants must be living in the San Diego or Orange county area. All ethnic backgrounds are welcome. Each egg donor will receive financial compensation for their time and effort and will receive the best caring and professional quality service from our staff. There will be no short term or long term health risks on your future fertility and your identity will be protected and never disclosed.
You will be able to give the best gift of all … the gift of life! Help build a family!

Testimonials of Our Egg Donors
Here is what one of our egg donors wants to share about her experience with our clinic:
“As an egg donor I feel satisfied knowing that I’ve helped someone achieve a dream to bring life to this world. I felt privileged when I was chosen to be an egg donor because I was given the opportunity to help someone. I highly recommend Dr. Mohyi because he is involved in every single step of the way until the end. I never felt like I had unanswered questions and always knew him or his staff would be there to support me, which was very important to me.”
En Espanol: “Haber sido donadora ayuda a otros humana mente a cumplir un deceo de dar vida. Me senti priviligiada cuando fui escojida como donadora porque tuve la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien. El haber sido pasiente del Doctor Mohyi fue una experiencia unica. Recomendio el Doctor Mohyi porque esta contigo hasta el final.”

Egg Donor Requirements & Screening Process

All donors must have two functioning ovaries, be non smokers, and have no evidence of drug use. Sexually transmitted disease testing is performed on all egg donation candidates.
Each potential egg donor must complete and submit a screening questionnaire. Once we receive the application, we will invite you to a complete interview.

Egg Donation Process for Egg Donors
All egg donor candidates will have complete physical exam, FDA guidance questionnaire / FDA required Blood panels, reproductive endocrine hormones and other necessary blood tests.

Once the screening process is complete and the consent form(s) have been reviewed and signed, the process is ready to begin. Egg donors receive daily injections of FSH hormone to stimulate the ovaries to produce numerous eggs for retrieval. The number of days is determined by the donor’s response to the medication which is usually about 7 – 9 days. The patient’s response to the medications is monitored closely by blood estradiol level , and ultrasound. The medication can be conveniently administered at home.

Once the eggs are mature, the donor comes to the fertility clinic where her eggs are retrieved trans-vaginally under mild conscious sedation. The eggs are fertilized with the male partner of the recipient using IVF and/or ICSI. The resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the recipient.
Egg donor (and her spouse if married) signs an informed consent agreement.

Why would you want to become an egg donor?
There are many reasons for a woman to need an egg donor, many of them tragic. Some women have lost their ovaries or ovarian function to illness or a genetic condition. Facing losses caused by cancer, surgery, extensive scarring, and adhesions resulting from surgery, hormonal conditions or injury, a woman who can no longer produce eggs of her own must turn to the generosity of others if she is to conceive and carry a child to term.
Other women face the brutal choices imposed by their own genetics. If faced with the choice of passing a serious genetic condition down to future generations, many women choose to turn away from the temptation to have children of their own genetic line, and look to other genetic sources instead. Rather than pass on conditions causing mental or physical damage, they make the sacrifice and accept another path to motherhood.
You can contribute to others who desire to have children. Women and their partners who might otherwise never have a child can enjoy the experience of bringing a child into the world, and you can make it possible.